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  1. Bella’s House from Twilight is now Available on Airbnb!
  2. Bella's house from 'Twilight' listed on Airbnb
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  4. Bella's House | Toyota of Rockwall
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Even people who can't recite dialog from the books or movies stay at the Airbnb property.

Bella’s House from Twilight is now Available on Airbnb!

A bridal party recently use the large, two-story house to get ready for a wedding in nearby Yankton, says Neufeld. Another reason this house worked for a film production?

It's on the end of a dead-end street -- only one way in and out -- and there is plenty of parking on the block for guests and film trucks. To prepare the house for its screen debut, the production crew painted the exterior and most of the rooms inside. The owners had a choice: They could have their house repainted in the original colors, select new colors or keep the ones chosen by the production designer.

The owners kept the film's color palette: Blue in the living room, yellow in the hallway and green in the kitchen, which are all complementary colors.

Every door in the house was dipped and stripped to remove 84 years of enamel paint and then hand-rubbed with an oil finish before cameras started to roll. French doors and hardwood floors make the foot-long living room appealing to residents and film crews. Charlie is cleaning a gun while sitting at the dining room table.

Bella's house from 'Twilight' listed on Airbnb

Another scene in the movie is a closeup of Bella Kristen Stewart standing in front of a small, square kitchen cabinet to the left of the fridge. The new owners vow not to change the retro kitchen appliances or linoleum.

Bechloe: The New Bellas House

Much of the decor, including some screen-accurate pieces, has been donated to the house by fellow "Twilight" fans from all over the world, says Amber Neufeld. Look closely at the portraits in the frames on the fireplace mantel. Fans coo over the changes they see in photographs posted on the Twilight Swan House Facebook and Instagram pages.

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  3. Bella's House From 'Twilight' Is Now An Airbnb That You Can Rent Out For A Night!.
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One fan suggested installing a plexiglass case in a portion of the closet in Bella's bedroom to display reproductions of costumes she wore in the movies. Look who's hanging out in one of the five bedrooms? The Jacob Black guest room is near the main entrance.

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Each of the rooms has a theme. Sleep in the 'lookout' room, overlooking the front yard, which is where Bella watched Edward parked ," reads the Airbnb description. Some guests rent the house because of its location and size: There are five bedrooms, 1. Residents of St.

Bella's House | Toyota of Rockwall

Helens, which stood in for the book's Port Angeles setting, gathered in November to watch the first "Twilight" movie at the Columbia Theater. These two They are on their way back to California now. It was so great to spend time with them over the weekend and we are wishing them safe travels back home. We have a lot of work to do on the truck to get it ready.

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