Circadian (Penguin Poets)

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Arthur Zaidenberg.

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Melissa Kwasny. The Beauty. Jane Hirshfield. Ulrikka S. Fata Morgana. Restless with ice, an animal crosses the wide field in you, a darkness that asks everything for measure, spacious world, the animal moves against all winter, a grace of feeling we had not imagined. This also comes into the winter garden while a car starts, snowlight falling across the alley in radiant extension of everything I cannot see. As if the night were utterly changed, as if you would turn to enter the rooms again, lit against cold, and there were no further sorrow possible for you, in any form.

A porch is a threshold, the place where indoors and outdoors meet, the liminal space between the interior and the exterior worlds. Also included in the poem is an animal, unspecified except as the incarnation of the life force moving through the cold and sterile weather. It is a reminder that we also are animal, driven by the same basic needs and urges. Klink is less stylistically indebted to Ashbery, but both poets share in his depersonalization of the speaking voice. This makes the voice a thing among other things, and animates those objects into which it disperses, transforming them into subjects in both senses of the word.

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The Circadian Code

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